About Marvin

  • marvin portraitI hold a Masters in English from the University of Toronto.
  • I have worked extensively in the book and publishing trade.
  • I am passionate about books!
  • I am passionate about storytelling!



I am the coauthor of Secrets From Lori Rapp’s Kitchen – Tales and Recipes From Jerusalem’s Popular La Cuisine.


  • ” I only wish every book I got to read was as lovely, fun, interesting, funny, on-brand, direct and delightful as this one. You have quite simply done a marvelous job, and take if from me, this is no easy task. You have managed to stay on topic, on brand, and write about how to love life while showing us how to love life, all the while giving us great insight into running our own shops. I adore this book…  it will be delicious.”    – Marion Roach Smith, teacher of memoir writing, and  author of  The Memoir Project.
  • ” This warm and wonderful culinary memoir is packed with special memories of their years of catering.”  – Norene Gilletz, leading author of kosher cookbooks in Canada. Reviewed in the Canadian Jewish News. 
  • ” Lori’s voice, personality, and sense of humor, come through clearly… Even if you don’t know her in person, you’ll feel like you do by the time you finish reading the first portion of this book.  Her story took hold of me and didn’t let go.”  – Tali Simon, food blogger, More Quiche Please.

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